Corporate Information

When was the Company established?

WADAKOHSAN CORPORATION was founded in Hyogo-ku, Kobe-shi in January 1899.
The Company was incorporated in December 1966.

What is the corporate philosophy of the Company?

Our corporate philosophy is “Tomoiki (Symbiosis),” which is the belief that one’s conviction leads to the happiness of others.

Where is the head office of the Company?

The head office is located in Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo Prefecture. For details, refer to Corporate Information.

When did the Company conduct the initial public offering?

In September 2004, the Company conducted its IPO on the JASDAQ (currently, TSE JASDAQ) market. The Company moved to the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in April 2020. It subsequently transferred to the Standard Market with the new market segments introduced in April 2022.

What is your security code?

The Company’s security code is 8931.

What is the composition of the Board of Directors?

The Board of Directors consists of 8 directors and 4 directors(Audits & Supervisory Committee Members).

Please explain the origin of the condominium brand "WAKOHRE."

This brand name is derived from the letters of the Company name, WADA and KOHSAN, and the English word, “Residence.”

Business Performance and Financial Results

When does the Company announce its annual financial statements?

The Company plans to announce its annual financial statements in April.

Where can we check changes in the business performance?

Please refer to Financial Data.

Information of Stock, Shareholders’ Meetings and Dividends

Who is the administrator of shareholder registry of the Company?

Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation is the administrator of shareholder registry. Its official web site is at

Where can shareholders access the necessary procedures regarding the Company’s shares?

Please contact Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation.
■Stock Transfer Agency Department, Osaka Branch, Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank
TEL: 0120-094-777 (toll-free within Japan)

When do you hold the shareholders’ meetings?

The annual general meeting of shareholders is held in late May every year.

What will be the amount of the next dividend?

The Company plans to distribute an ordinary dividend of ¥60 per share.

Are there any special benefits for shareholders?

The Company does not have any such special benefit program.

What is the trading unit of the Company’s shares?

It is 100 shares.

When is the registration deadline for dividend payment?

The base date is the end of February.

Other Questions

Where should I contact for questions regarding Investor Relations?

Please contact the Company using the Inquiry Form.